The amount of time that is allotted for your team. The goal is to escape in less time than that!


We will accept 3-8 people, but recommend 4-6 for the perfect blend of opportunity and enjoyment.


A challenging experience is waiting for you. Think outside the box and find your way out.

——— $24.99/person ———


You are trapped.
Locked up in a high security prison awaiting your execution. You hear whispers and tales of several attempts to break out.  They say most inmates were either killed or recaptured, while others disappeared without a trace. Is it possible they could have successfully escaped from— An alarm sounds. The guard rushes out to investigate…
You have 60 minutes to set yourself free before the prison guard returns. Escape or die trying. Fate is in your own hands…

Recommended participants: 4 – 6
Difficulty level:  


You are a thief who has just been released from prison and your next heist is already planned.  You are going to rob a Las Vegas Casino.  You assemble a carefully thought out team of talented individuals, prepped and ready to take on the thrilling task that lies ahead.  Act as if there’s nothing to lose. It’s not going to be easy, considering you plan to secretly get in and out with
$150 million!

Recommended participants: 4 – 7
Difficulty level:  



During a long voyage in quest for an uncharted island, the plan is halted by an angry pack of buccaneers who aren’t happy to see another ship trespassing on their waters.  Before you know it, your entire crew has been kidnapped and held captive below the pirate’s boat!
At first glance, you quickly learn that while knickknacks and oddities about the room may be abundantly clear, a trace to escape is not.  Is this the end? Or can you and your team of clever mates discover a path to safety?
The journey awaits!

Recommended participants: 4 – 6
Difficulty level:  lock rating for prison


Half your party has been captured and remain locked away in a warehouse known to be housed by a dangerous criminal. Their fate is unknown. The remainder of your group has no choice but to break into the warehouse, rescue your friends and escape together before it’s too late. You must work quickly, as the kidnapper could return at any moment!

Recommended participants: 4 – 6
Difficulty level:  



Keep these tidbits of information in mind, if you plan to escape!

the entire environment 

the tools provided 

the dots around you 

with all your team members 

 through a series of puzzles

 a logical path

 your team to safety

 the hidden mysteries within

We give you 60 minutes ... How fast will you ESCAPE?


What is an Escape Room?

An Escape room is a mentally engaging adventure game in which teams are locked into a room and have to use the surrounding clues and puzzles in order to escape within 60 minutes.

Where are you located? Where do we park?

You can find us at 7610 Tecumseh Road East inside the TriOS College building between Lauzon Road and Lauzon Parkway.  There is free on-site parking and entrances at both the front and back of the building.  Once in the building, follow the signage to the APE Escape front lobby.  If by chance the doors are locked please call us at 519-960-0399.

Are reservations required?

Yes; however, same day bookings are typically available with a phone call.  Please contact us for any other inquiries.

Can 2 people do a room by themselves?

We highly suggest you come with a team of 3 or more people in our escape rooms.  Our rooms are designed for 4-6 people and teams of just 2 generally struggle to complete puzzles and make progress.

What age can participate?

In order to be in the room WITHOUT a parent or guardian, we recommend participants be a minimum age of 13.

Younger children (8-12 years old) are welcome to play as long as at least one parent or guardian accompanies them in the room. Some children generally won’t understand the details of every single puzzle, but can definitely help in many ways!

Please contact us for specific questions you may have about children in our escape rooms.

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Think you can assemble a team skilled enough to wriggle your way out of prison?

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